Top 3 things to do on a trip to Avranches

You're visiting Normandy, Avranches to be precise, for the weekend or the holidays. You have chosen to stay in a charming hotel in Avranches such as the Moulin de Ducey: a great idea! In this blog post, we reveal the top 3 things to do near the 3-star Moulin de Ducey hotel.


It's impossible to make a stopover in Avranches without taking the time to discover the region's most visited site: the famous Mont Saint-Michel. Just a 25-30 minute drive from the Moulin du Ducey hotel, the Mont Saint-Michel tourist site is one of Normandy's star attractions. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979, the Abbey of Mont Saint-Michel rises from the middle of the bay that bears the same name. Every year, 2.5 to 3 million visitors and pilgrims walk the rocks of this sacred islet, while only 29 permanent residents live here. Built in the 11th century, the abbey of Mont Saint-Michel can be reached by climbing the 350 steps leading up to the abbey, also known as "the Wonder".


Located just a fifteen-minute drive from the hotel in Avranches le Moulin de Ducey, the plant garden and its belvedere are sure to surprise you. The garden's exceptional views over the immense bay of Mont Saint-Michel inspired a number of 19th-century artists, including Victor Hugo and Guy de Maupassant. Originally created by the Capuchins, the Jardin des Plantes officially became one in 1895. After being swept away by wars and storms, the Avranches plant garden was finally rehabilitated in 2005 as part of the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel Operation Grand Site. Today, it's a delight to take a stroll through the mosaic of flowers, through the cherry blossom meadow or among the cedars of Lebanon.

The unexpected Avranches Scriptorial

The Avranches Scriptorial is a museum of manuscripts that is a must-see when you visit this pretty Norman town. Located around fifteen minutes by car from the 3-star hotel in Avranches, the Moulin du Ducey, where you will be staying, the Scriptorial is a modern and surprising place that invites visitors to take a real historical tour of the town, on the road to its manuscripts... In this educational museum you will discover the treasure room, which reveals manuscripts from the library of the monastery of Mont Saint-Michel, and the printing works. Located in the old quarter of Avranches, the Scriptorial offers a cultural programme that is unique in the region.